Valentin Kutsiy

Director Rost Distribution

We work with our Partners and for our Partners.

The strategy development for medicine promotion

Did you know: “Success in business is an expected result, which has a particular reason. In most cases, it can be predicted.”
Brian Tracy, “Effective Manager”

Our company objective can be summarized in one sentence: we provide the rightful market place for the products we work with by offering consumers quality products for reasonable prices.

Our strategy is to increase the market sector of our clients by selling products capable of taking a special place at the market.

There are 60 employees working at promotion.

You came to the right place if you need:
  • to develop and implement a large-scale integral distribution and promotion system;
  • form long-term relations with your distributor and marketing company;
  • include your product on the price list of national distributors;
  • find a reliable partner that can provide the entire cycle of product promotion on the market – starting with production and up to the pharmacy window case;
  • meet requirements for pharmaceutical products;
  • cut financial risks and get paid at fixed dates.
Among companies we work with there are: PrAT “Technolog”; LLC “NBP 'Microchem'”; “Biolik,” LtD; “Makspharma Baltia,” CJSC; “Intel Generiks Nord,” CJSC.

Our partners